Baja Buggies


Issue 1

Dec 82/Jan 83

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1 PLAYER 19.95

Drive across the California desert under a blazing sun. You are right at the back of the grid with eighty buggies ahead of you! Put your foot on the floor and get past them buggies - watch you don' t hit them too much though or go off the road there are no breakdown trucks out here.

The concept of a driving game is not new but what makes Baja Buggies special is the unique 3-D perspective as you drive towards the distant mountains. When you turn a corner, you really do turn - the mountains and sky scroll across and you feel as if you are really in the car. The game is for one player only and has a choice of three courses with two skill levels. It is well worth the money - after all where in England can you race across the desert under the blazing sun!