Cricket Maths

Phil Griffin


Issue 3

May/Jun 83

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Here's your chance to exercise your 'grey cells' and perhaps earn yourself a place in the next England cricket team!

Three levels of difficulty are included and the program randomly selects maths problems which, if answered correctly, can earn runs. The outcome of a correct answer is decided (randomly) by the computer and that means you may be 'caught' even though you answered the question correctly! If you answer incorrectly you are 'bowled out.

The program records the total runs scored and the number of wickets lost. On the loss of a wicket, the score at that point is recorded as 'LAST WICKET' and the number of runs scored since the previous wicket was lost is recorded as 'LAST BATSMAN'. At the start of a further innings, the previous and current scores can be compared.

For the technically minded, all graphics displays use modified display lists. The opening credits use Graphics 1 and 2, and the animation sequence is in Graphics 7. The 'option' screen uses Graphics 1 and 2 while Graphics 0,1 and 2 are used for the scoreboard. An expanded text window is used for dealing with the question and answer routines and any ' error' messages. Score details are "POKEd" directly to the screen using the 'memory mapped' screen locations.

To ensure the best colour display, make sure you read all REM statements and use inverse video where indicated and use lower case as printed.

AtariLister - requires Java