Issue 9

May/Jun 84

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We have at last got quite a good stock of articles and programs for your future enjoyment but please don't let that stop you from sending in your programs and, particularly, articles. I believe that it is important to get a good balance in every issue and I have tried hard to do this in each issue so far. Good balance depends on having a variety of programs and articles sent in by the readers and I hope that you will continue to contribute, even if, perhaps, a previous contribution has not yet appeared in print. Nearly all of the contributions received are considered each issue and are chosen according to how they will fit into a particular issue. It might take many months but you may one day be able to show your friends that article or program of yours published in a magazine which, despite its small circulation, is now read in 25 different countries throughout the world!

This issue sees the start of a regular Adventure column written by Garry Francis of Sydney, Australia and I am very pleased to welcome him to these pages. Garry was, until recently, the Editor of one of the best overseas User Group Newsletters and I am sure he will bring that quality to his column in PAGE 6. Many of you are keen Adventurers and I would welcome your regular feedback on the Adventure column. Send any comments, hints or tips, or questions on your favourite Adventures to me at the address on page 3. Mark it clearly ADVENTURE and I will pass your letters on to Garry. I am afraid that individual questions cannot be answered but you should see your comments reflected in future columns.

I am also pleased to publish MiniDos in this issue from Linda Tinkler, the first contribution from a female reader. Linda actually learnt to program from the Basic manual in order to help her son, which proves that it can be done! I am not overenthusiastic about the seemingly male domination of computing and I am sure that the ladies could bring a different perspective to the hobby. I hope that Linda's program will encourage others.

Getting back to the Adventure theme, Issue 10 will be an Adventure special with some very interesting material but I would like some more contributions particularly any program listings (not too long) on an Adventure theme. If you have something you think might be suitable please give me a ring as I will need it almost as soon as you have finished reading this issue!