Screen Color

by Thorarinn Jonsson, Iceland


Issue 10

Jul/Aug 84

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Whenever I type a program on my Atari, I begin by changing the colour of the screen as I do not like the standard blue screen with black border.

In order to help me choose a colour I wrote this little program and I hope you will like it. The program contains instructions and I hope that you find it useful. It is not really necessary but I like it!

Thorarinn's original program would reset to the default colours if you pressed SYSTEM RESET so I have added the routine in lines 500 to 550 and the GOSUB 500 in line 340. Your chosen screen colours will now remain until you switch off the machine. The routine is for cassette users. If you use a disk drive, change the final 2 in line 500 to 3 and the 2 on the second part of line 540 to 3.

If you use this program before typing in other programs it would be wise to SAVE a copy of your typed program before RUNning it in case the machine code routine interferes with the new program. Ed

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