When All Else Fails

by John Dimmer


Issue 10

Jul/Aug 84

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The Adventurer's ultimate aid

You're pretty good at Adventures right? You can breeze through the easy ones and crack all the hard ones with just a little bit of thought. You are probably now looking for the ultimate Adventure, one that will give you at least some challenge? Well, you can stop reading now, this program is not for you, it is for the rest of us, mere mortals.

Many of us find almost any adventure quite a challenge and this program was developed in order to provide some help. It won't solve problems for you but it might, just might, give you a few clues to get off the ground or get past an obstacle.

Magic is quite common in Adventures isn't it? And quite legitimate. What if, by some sort of magic, you could see into the program you are stuck on? That wouldn't be cheating would it? Of course not, us Adventurers are entitled to use all means in our power to solve the quest. Either that or crack up in a jibbering heap a vowing never to buy another adventure!

The program will not solve an Adventure but what it does do is list a cassette based Adventure to the screen so that you might find some clues in the listing. Much of the listing will be meaningless but here and there you may see some vital clues. It could bring you back from the edge of despair.

I pass it on to you, fellow (novice) Adventurers. Use it only if you really must, but if you do, don't come back and tell me you're pretty good at Adventures. That you can breeze through the easy ones.... Right!

AtariLister - requires Java