Empire of the Overmind

reviewed by Anthony Hughes


Issue 10

Jul/Aug 84

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This is the most addictive adventure I have come across. Something draws me back to it at any spare moment.

Supplied with the program is a 21 verse poem called 'The Rhyme of the Over-Mind' which is written in an Olde Worlde style with an Olde Worlde script. It requires several readings just to get your brain round the background story but throughout the poem are subtle clues! This is a text only adventure and I have only one major complaint (apart from the 11 minute cassette loading time!) which is a delay of about 20 seconds after each move before the prompt is printed again.

The Over-Mind is an all powerful golden sphere that has taken over the Kingdom of Alcazar by deceit and corruption. Your task, as the weary traveller, is to locate and destroy the Over-Mind thus freeing the lands once more. Wandering about, you will come across Griffin the Gold who was the one that started it all off. For this crime he has been banished to a small cave for several thousand years to wait your arrival. The first major problem was to avoid being clobbered by an over-active skeleton but if you look hard enough sufficient clues are supplied.

This one is twice the price of the U.K. produced Adventures but still represents very good value for the keen Adventurer.