Tail of Beta Lyrae

reviewed by Craig Fuller



Issue 12

Nov/Dec 84

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Datamost.... 48k.... 1 player....

This is without doubt one of the best Scramble type games available for the Atari. It certainly beats Airstrike and Shaft Raider.

The game is not particularly original. You must pilot a fighter craft into the enemy defences and destroy as many enemy installations as possible. It is the amazing graphics, animation and unique sound that make it stand out.

The game begins with the view from the fighter's cockpit as it hurtles through space. Then you enter the enemy defences where you destroy a huge variety of enemy buildings. You must avoid hitting the mines and being shot down by artillery and surface-to-air missiles. The rolling landscape gives way to an underground cavern which is very treacherous in places until finally you reach the City where you encounter laser cannon.

The graphics are brilliant and the fanfare when you reach 5000 points is the best sound available on the Atari. No instructions came with my game and I am not sure if there is some final goal. I have yet to see what lies beyond the City...