Bomb Escape

by Ron Smith



Issue 13

Jan/Feb 85

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The object is to escape from a building to a safe black square before a time bomb explodes.

The Building - an outline of a building is given in blue with some of the doors only one pixel wide. Extra rooms, corridors and, sometimes, doors are seen at and above levels three and five. The blue walls must not be touched at any level.

The Timer - is ticking away at the bottom of the screen. It is reset if the black square is reached or if the bomb explodes. If a life is lost then the timer continues from the same position. It is not reset to zero. On each new level the timer's fuse is shortened and is not lengthened again during the game.

The Player - leaves a red trail which must not be touched. The joystick directly controls the speed of the timer - as long as the player is moving, the timer is slowed down. It is a necessity to keep moving at level 5 and above. Lives - the game starts with three lives and a life is lost if a red or blue square is touched or if the bomb explodes. If a life is lost then one level is also lost and the game continues at this easier level but with less time available.

General - an average score of 55,000 is easily possible reaching level 6, however progression beyond this point is difficult and requires expert joystick control.

AtariLister - requires Java