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Issue 14

Mar/Apr 85

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We have been using TYPO now for some considerable time (courtesy of ANTIC magazine) and it has certainly helped with typing all those long listings, but it has one major drawback which is that you still have to search through a block of lines to find a mistake.

Now we have TYPO II which will check a program line by line as you type each line in! TYPO II will be used in all listings from issue 14 onwards and we hope to make tables available at a later date for all previously published listings.


TYPO II tells you if you have made a mistake as soon as you have typed in a line. Begin by typing in TYPO II and SAVE a copy to tape or disk. Check the program very carefully for although you can use TYPO II to check itself, it may not work if you have made mistakes!

Alongside each line of the listings in this, and future, issues you will find a two letter code which should match the code generated by TYPO II. LOAD and RUN your copy of TYPO II before typing in a listing. The screen will say `Type in a program line'. Type in the line as shown but not the two letter code. When you hit RETURN after typing the line, it will re-appear at the bottom of the screen with a two letter code at the left hand side. If this does not match the code printed to the left of the same line in the magazine, you have a mistake in that line. Type the line again until the codes match and then go on to the next line.

If you prefer to type in a listing without TYPO II you can still use it to check each line. Make sure you have a copy of TYPO II LISTed onto disk or cassette and add this to your program by ENTERing it. To check any line type an asterisk (*) followed by the line number with no space in between and press RETURN. You will then see the line with a code and can amend it if necessary.

You can LIST your program by pressing BREAK and can then return to TYPO II by typing GOTO 32000.

To save your correct program without TYPO II, LIST it to cassette or disk by typing LIST "C:",0,31999 or LIST "D:filename",0,31999. Type NEW and then ENTER "C:" or ENTER "D:filename". You can then save this version in the normal way with CSAVE or SAVE.

We hope to publish a revision of TYPO II shortly which automatically deletes itself after your program is correctly typed and also TYPOCHECK which will automatically generate codes for programs that you have typed in from previous issues. TYPO II is there to help you enter programs exactly as printed. Please use it as we spend a great deal of time answering queries from people who have not typed in listings correctly.

The original TYPO was written by Bill Wilkinson. TYPO II is by Andy Barton. Both are copyright ANTIC magazine and used with permission.

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