Reviewed by Paul Blazeby



Issue 14

Mar/Apr 85

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EPYX ... 16K ROM ... 1/4 PLAYERS

Not surprisingly PITSTOP is a racing game. In a joystick controlled formula one car, the player(s) can race around a chosen circuit as many times as he/she wishes. Grand Prix options include Monaco and Kyalami and a host of others.

Speed, time, fuel consumption and a map of the circuit are shown as you race past other drivers. Just another run of the mill driving game you might think but the best is yet to come! An extra feature in PITSTOP which makes it different to other racing games is that your tyres wear out after every few collisions and the lighter in colour they become, the nearer they are to blowing up. To add to this problem your fuel runs out as you race so that you must make a judgement about when to pull into the pits.

In the pits, the player sees four men, one holding a flag to allow you to leave the pits. one holding a fuel pipe and two ready to change your tyres. Having stopped the car you must use the joystick to select one of the pit crew to change tyres or re-fuel. The chosen mechanic must be guided either to the tyre to be changed or to the petrol tank to perform his task Care must be taken not to overfill the tank which may then explode causing you to re-fuel from scratch. Changing tyres means that your crew member must remove and replace each tyre. All the while the clock keeps ticking and the other cars can be seen flashing by at the top of the screen. Time is crucial and as soon as you have finished you must select the man with the flag to re-start the race.

PITSTOP is not as good as POLE POSITION but with the added features it comes a pretty close second. You can even hold a competition with up to three friends.