by Graeme Walters


Issue 16

Jul/Aug 1985

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This game for two players follows all the normal rules of Draughts except that there are no 'huffs', that is, you are not obliged to jump when you are able to do so.

Movement of the draughts is by positioning the cursor over the piece you wish to move and pressing the RETURN key. When a piece has been selected the cursor is moved in the direction that you wish the piece to be played. If your opponent's draught is able to be jumped, your piece will move past your opponent's and his piece will be removed from the board. When a move which involves jumping is completed press RETURN to pass play to your opponent. Any illegal moves will be indicated by an appropriate sound and flashing border.

The cursor is controlled by the four arrow keys on the keyboard although the diagonal movement may take some getting used to.

AtariLister - requires Java