Issue 21

May/Jun 86

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Announced at the Atari Show was a new word processing package based around the 130XE and prompted by the success of Amstrad in this field. Initially based on the 130XE with NLQ dot matrix printer, floppy disk, 80 column card and word processor, it will retail at 349. Later in the year Atari promise a brand new 8-bit product designed specifically for this market. 


From Firebird comes The Comet Game launched to coincide with the space probe Giotto's closest approach to Halley's comet. An arcade/strategy game in which you must save the Earth from the deadly effects of the comet's tail, it involves several levels and many difficulties, including repairing the coffee machine! Price is 7.95 for 48k or more Atari's. 


Ariolasoft have recently released Archon II with different battlegrounds for earth, water, air and fire and 12 different conjurable monsters. On disk only at 12.95. 

Movie Maker is another 're-release' from Ariolasoft via Electronic Arts that has been around for a few years but was never easily available in this country. Movie Maker allows you to create fully animated cartoons, or movies, on your Atari and will give hours of fun. It comes on two disks with several demonstration movies included and retails at 16.95. 

Also from Ariolasoft comes a new range of home productivity programs. The programs have in fact been available for some time on import but have been re-packaged and re-priced to represent excellent value for money. Two from Batteries Included are PaperClip, one of the mostly highly rated word processors for the Atari, which will retail at 44.95 and HomePak, a combined word Processor, database and communications package that will sell for 34.95. The third program comes from Electronic Arts and is another word processor retailing at 24.95.


Infocom, who were rumoured to be in serious trouble last year following the failure of their attempted move into the business market, have been taken over by Activision. Adventure addicts who might fear that this means the end to Infocom's unique style should have no fears as the Infocom team will retain its separate product development and marketing operations but be able to take advantage of Activision's worldwide distribution strength. This should mean that all those classic Infocom adventures will be even more easily available in the UK and, hopefully, at lower prices. In another take over bid, Activision have acquired GAMESTAR who have produced some of the finest computer sports simulations. Gamestar products have never been easily available in the UK but hopefully this will now change.


Atari's replacements for the 520ST (so soon?) - see page 19 for details.