Issue 27

May/Jun 87

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Atari have at last come round full circle and are seeking to actively encourage and support User Groups. In the States many of the larger User Groups get together to promote 'Atari Fairs' in different parts of the country and receive a great deal of support from Atari by way of equipment loan, promotion and guidance. Could the same thing happen over here? That is what Fiona Mantell of Atari would like to know.

What Fiona needs first is for all established User Groups to get in touch with her giving full details of the group and putting forward some ideas of how you feel that Atari might be able to help the your group in the future. Make no mistake, Atari are interested in helping but it is not a one way street, a great deal of commitment and effort will be needed by the Groups themselves to make anything work. If you feel that your User Group is good enough to deserve some recognition and support from Atari write to Fiona Mantell at Atari Corp. (UK) Ltd, Atari House, Railway Terrace, Slough, Berks, SL2 5BZ. Do it now.




Domark, who got the computer rights to one of the most sought after games of recent times, Trivial Pursuit, have now signed an agreement with Atari Inc. (the coin-op company) for the home computer rights to the arcade smash Star Wars. You will have a long time to save up though as programming will not start until later this year with release due in 'late 1987'. An Atari 8 bit version is promised but let's hope that it is not last in the queue otherwise who knows when 'late 1987' might be!




English Software recently released Smash Hits Volume 7, or was it 6? It could have been 8, no it is definitely 7 and it features Elektraglide, Colossus Chess 3.0, Blue Max and Alley Cat. Two cassettes at 9.95 or two disks at 14.95. The press release says 'advertising in ATARI USER' so if you don't read ATARI USER you might never know it's available. If that's the case you could write to English Software and tell them you read about it in PAGE 6 and you could also ask when they are going to release some more original games for the Atari. Remember when English Software were the top Atari software house in the U.K.?




U.S. Gold's release schedule of SSI's range of wargames and simulations is well on target with 10 titles due to be available at the time of writing and another 19 to follow! So far the releases have all been on disk and are around the 29.99 mark.

Cheapest so far, and perhaps one of the most interesting, is Wargame Construction Set for those who have played everything or think they are better at designing games than SSI! Other titles released include Battle of Antietam, Gettysburg, U.S.A.A.F, Broadsides, Mech. Brigade, Carrier Force, Panzer Grenadier, Colonial Conquest and Computer Ambush. Wargamers and simulation fans have surely never had it so good!






Red Rat, fast becoming THE company for the Atari 8-bit machines have come to the rescue of a couple of programs that nearly disappeared along with the ill-fated S.E.C.S. An agreement has been reached with Bignose Software for Red Rat to release GO-FORTH (reviewed in Issue 25) and SPRONG. GO-FORTH will be available on disk only for the XL/ XE at 19.95 and SPRONG, by none other than Paul Lay, has already been released on tape at 7.95 or disk at 9.95. Anyone who thought that MUNCHY MADNESS from PAGE 6 was good (and it was excellent) should rush out to get a copy of SPRONG. There are something like fifty superbly drawn and challenging screens for you to pogo your way through and you will be impressed.

Other releases from Red Rat include Astro Droid, an arcade shoot-em-up by the author of Screaming Wings, and a new budget game for two players, River Rally. Fast action with split scrolling screens is promised.

Say thank you to the Red Rat, Atari owners. While others promise he is nosing around finding all sorts of goodies for you.



Mastertronic dropped us a press release to say that their next Atari release would be COLONY.
Apart from that, and the other stories on this page, all the other press releases we received contained words like 'except for Atari'. We threw them in the bin. There must be more news about software for the Atari, like the (rumoured?) stuff from Imagine, but why don't the companies concerned shout about it? Half an hour on the typewriter and a second class stamp might get Atari owners into the shops asking for the latest releases.