Mouse Trap

Reviewed by John Davison jnr


Issue 29

Sep/Oct 87

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Price 14.95

After my comments about Tynesoft in the review of Timeblast, you might think that I might pan whatever they produce but this is not true, as with Mouse Trap they have produced a game which I consider to be very good.

The game is basically a ladders and platforms game, not exactly the most original idea but one which MicroValue/Tynesoft really have turned into a very pleasing game indeed. You control Melvin the Mouse, and have to win back the affections of your girlfriend, Meryl, who has just left you for another mouse (ah!). She feels that you are no more than a cheese scavenger! So, what do you have to do to win back your childhood sweetheart? Well, you do what you do best, scavenging to find fame and fortune.

That's the plot, sweet isn't it? The game, as I said earlier, is just a ladders and platforms game but the graphics are especially good. They are very crisp, clear and colourful making the game very pleasing to the eye. The sprite which you control, Melvin, is very good, and there is only one word to describe it really and that's 'cute'. Yes, a cute little mousey character, who dashes about the screen with his little tail waggling about and his nose bouncing up and down!

The other sprites on the screen are equally pleasing, especially the big dopey guy who appears every now and then, with the massive nose and the big blinking eyes. The things which attack you are some of the whackiest I have ever seen, they range from fried eggs, to giant rolls of toilet paper!!! All of them are very nicely drawn in a cartoon like style.

The sound in the game isn't bad. The music is very chirpy and happy although not amazing, just average, but the sound effects are, regrettably, just about non existent. Still you don't really notice that they are missing.

This is the first game where I might possibly believe the claims on the packaging! The message on the back of Mouse Trap is " MOUSE TRAP the best platform style game written for the ST with superbly detailed graphics and compulsive game play. Old in style, brilliant in design, a MUST for every ST owner." which although a little 'big headed' is just about true. This game is great value, so if you like platform games, get it! I hope that we may see more of Melvin in future releases from MicroValue.