Reviewed by Ron Stewart


Issue 32

Mar/Apr 88

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When any new computer comes on the market place there quickly follows a glut of those easy to program games that usually end up in the public domain. The ST seemed to avoid this area of the software market, mainly, I think, because of the time it took the average programmer to come to terms with sixteen bit computers. Some of these games are only now appearing on the market. I must hasten to add that I don't decry these products. Many of them, like BANK-IT reviewed here, are very creditable, I only wish that the programmers had been a bit more adventurous.

BANK-IT is a mixture of fruit machine and poker game. The machine, which is totally mouse controlled, is equipped with five reels and hold and chance buttons. At the bottom of the screen are twelve poker hand selectors. You have twelve goes and each go is split into three spins of the reels. Each of the twelve poker hands is allocated a score and your aim is to amass a high score.


Game play is fairly simple. Pressing start spins the reels and once they have stopped spinning you can decide what sort of hand you want to go for, five cherries for instance, or maybe five penguins. Pressing the hold buttons stops those reels from spinning when you press start again. Once you've spun the reels three times the machine decides on how many nudges you can have. Finally when you have nudged as far as you can you select one of the hand buttons. The machine will then total your score.


The machine may give you a chance to gamble on your score. Pressing the chance button may double your score if the light stops at Yes or it could halve it if it stops at No. More points can be added if you manage to get five of a kind or if you manage to light the makers name at the top of the screen. The hands have to be chosen carefully to get the highest points total. Four cherries for example will give you twenty points whereas if you select the four together hand, you get thirty-five points. There is a high score table which will save your high scores to the game disk.

The graphics in this game are very well executed. I especially liked the LED read outs for the credits and score. The spinning reels are particularly well done. A game of this type does not give much scope for sound so don't expect anything flash. Bank-it is a good game for the younger computer user, it is easy to learn and play. Anyone else will probably tire of it pretty quickly. It is, however, one of those games that is pulled down off the shelf once in a while just to see if you can beat your last high score.