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General Page 6 Discussion / MOS Technology C6502
« on: February 25, 2011, 09:51:55 PM »
As I was perusing the internet after I just fixed my 1050 Floppy drive, I came to a link after looking for, 8-BIT ATARI hardware upgrades. The link is to a PDF File, of a new DIRECTLY COMPATIBLE REPLACEMENT CPU UPGRADE, for the ATARI 8 BIT Family, as well as other 8-BIT computers such as the COMMODORE 64.

This new MOS TECH' CPU now runs at a speed of 100MHZ, but I've no idea who has done any experiment with their ATARI and this NEW CPU Upgrade.

Here is the link to the PDF, so you can read it yourself..

 Osh  :o

General Page 6 Discussion / Re: Atari 1050 Hard Drive Repair
« on: February 22, 2011, 10:30:34 PM »
Hi i'm back

I ended up buying the ATARI 1050 DISK DRIVE FIELD SERVICE MANUAL FROM OFF EBAY, but didn't get aound to repairing the drive, not up until the Sunday morning of 19th Feb' 2011. Found out the problem was a 12 Volt regulator (a positive 12Volt 7812 regulator), so I went into Maplin Electonics to get the component, and then installed it.

The problems that I had after that was I had to get the jumper leads correctly orientated, as in the sevice manual all of these JUMPERS are MULTI COLOURED, but under the case of my 1050 it is only J11 & J15 that are coloured plus J6, but the rest of the Jumper cables are plain white.   

So I have just finished repairing my Atari 1050 Disk Drive, , tested a few disks, but the U.S. Gold DROPZONE game Disk that I have, has refused to spin like it was sticking, till eventually the drive head removes some of the metal oxide on the floppy disk surface of my DROPZONE disk, so I lost my DROPZONE DISK TODAY strangely on the 22nd Feb'2011. I blame this due to the inactivity of the DISK DRIVE, and it's HEAD.

What I did is remove the drive belt and reverse it, to gain some traction for the drive spindle, but the drive is now functional again. I hope I find the full functioning DROPZONE game somewhere, because I need this game back in my floppy disk box. 
;D Osh

General Page 6 Discussion / Atari 1050 Hard Drive Repair
« on: February 15, 2010, 12:47:25 PM »
Hello I have an Atari 1050 Hard drive that does not work anymore, due to Goons that had access to my property, and need to put my 1050 hard drive out of action, as well as a few other things.

Does anybody out there know some one that could do a repair of my 1050 drive. It is not totally ragged, I mean the power L.E.D. still comes on, I have tested the two motors in the drive with a nine volt battery and the motors still go.

A second problem that has occured to me is that some one could of ERASED the EPROM of the US Doubler chip I had installed, making
the drive non functional.

I could test all the the circuit board components but its no use if the drive bios is not there.
I still have the two chips that was removed, to install the US Doubler that are pictured here  but I can only see where one of these

goes, the other is guesswork.

So if there is anybody out there that knows there way around a 1050 Disk Drive, or to repair let me know.
Orlando :'(

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