Author Topic: What are the requirements for scanning Page 6 NAU?  (Read 3756 times)

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What are the requirements for scanning Page 6 NAU?
« on: May 15, 2008, 02:04:54 AM »
Hi what are the requirements for scanning Page 6 NAU?

The reason i ask, i have an A4 laser printer scanner & i may be able to help speed up the production of the online magazine, i cannot promise anything right now, but i will try.

I have a 3Ghz pc, 280gb free, Samsung SCX 4200 A4 laser printer scanner with OCR sw, Acrobat pro, Sun Open Office & time.
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Re: What are the requirements for scanning Page 6 NAU?
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2008, 01:29:36 PM »
Thanks for asking the question, especially as I think the answer may be useful to a number of other people who have enquired in the past about helping with the scanning effort!

To be honest, the effort in translating mags onto the website is less about the scanning/OCRing and more about the proof reading, formatting and presentation. Scanning the pages doesn't take long (use 300dpi/greyscale for best OCR quality) and the next task is to take the unformatted text from the OCR software (I use Omnipage Pro 16) and place it onto a template for the web page. It then has be neatly formatted, pictures added, program listings inserted if relevant - which also have to be converted from the cover disk image - and sometimes complex tables of info added by hand if necessary. Then it has to be read, re-read and compared with the original mag to pick up errors introduced by the OCR process (and there are always some!). It's these activities that takes the time, especially if the article contains a lot of figures/tables/diagrams rather than just pure text.

If anyone has time to spare and fancies trying the whole process then that would of course be fantastic but otherwise, any help in providing the proof-read raw text and tables (e.g. a Word file would be fine) which I could then use to paste into the templates and add formatting and pics would also be of value in speeding things up.

Incidentally I am currently working on issue 32 and it should be finished reasonably soon!