Issue 3

May/Jun 83

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A new independent disk drive has just become available in the States. The RANA 1000 disk drive features switchable single/double density and has a few extra features such as automatic write protect and LED readout of disk contents. The really interesting news though is that it sells in the States at one-third less than the price of the Atari drivel Let's hope that it becomes available over here soon at that sort of price.

A new book from Compute! that is an absolute must if you want to dig deeply into your Atari, is Mapping The Atari by lan Chadwick. Seems to be in short supply at the moment but is well worth hunting down.

Antic magazine is now monthly which is great news. Several people have written to ask where they can buy Antic, Analog and Compute! Try Calisto Computers in Birmingham or Gemini Electronics in Manchester, both of whom stock these magazines. If any other retailers keep them, let us know.