reviewed by Harvey Kong Tin


Issue 3

May/Jun 83

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Three more of the classic arcade games are now available for your Atari 400/800. They are reviewed here for us by reader HARVEY KONG TIN who appears to be an avid arcade gamer.


The Arcade game is at last available for the Atari 400/800 and plays very much like the arcade - fast action and furious enemies.

Like Airstrike the game is best played with your computer on the floor, so that your foot controls the very important space bar which in this case controls your life-saving smart bombs. With this arrangement, a very responsive joystick (the Wico Command Control is excellent) and persevered endurance, your scores will climb. For those unfamiliar with this highly-rated game - your spacecraft moves in four directions with unlimited fire power, your aim is to protect the humanoids on a planetoid landscape. There are five types of enemy craft to become familiar with, which you will need to do to climb to 100,000 points. A radar screen prepares you for any oncoming hazards as you pass over the scrolling landscape. Smart bombs obliterate any enemy on the screen except for their fire. You start off with three and earn an extra one for each 10,000 points.

The sound didn't sound like the arcade version at first, but after a while it grows on you and starts sounding familiar. While the graphics are not sharply defined (but equal to the worst quality arcade machine) the action and pace is there for anyone hardy enough to enjoy it.

This cartridge is for fans who enjoy defender who are willing to forgive Atari for being a bit rushed with it.