reviewed by Harvey Kong Tin


Issue 3

May/Jun 83

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A quality arcade game from Roklan. This game gives you four different missions to go through.

The first, Astro Battles, is a mini version of Space Invaders. Even if you were lousy with Space Invaders, you can easily learn to survive this mission and continue with the others. The second, Laser Attack, reminds me of Galaxian in a kamikaze sort of way - two ships fire lasers and the rest ram you!

The third mission, Space Warp, requires you to shoot Gorfs and Fighters as they emerge from a vortex. The fourth and final mission of each round is Flag Ship, where you must first blast through a force field arc to shoot at the big ship. Just like Star Wars, you are aiming for a sensitive internal reactor vent. However, defensive fireballs are coming at you and rebounds of your own shots can hit you. With any ships remaining you can go through all the hazards again - faster and faster.

The graphics and sound are very well programmed and the game should suit those fond of arcade games. The four separate missions add variety and makes Gorf somewhat more challenging than the one screen games.