reviewed by Harvey Kong Tin


Issue 3

May/Jun 83

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16K ROM  

Another direct translation of a popular arcade game. All of the elements of Galaxian are there. An overhead fleet of enemy spaceships in formation which peel off to attack your ship below and, if they survive your fire, return to formation.

You need to be firing constantly, once to get your gun ready and once to fire a shot. You have a choice of different levels to start at - even a beginner's level where they don't fire back. The graphics are well handled apart from the missing bright red of enemy ships. The starfield is effective and stays in the background. The sound effects are poor though and tend to irritate rather than add to the game.

There are differences to the arcade version. You have incredible horizontal speed enabling you to duck missiles quickly and there are no ships that home in on you in wild parabolic paths. Overall the cartridge doesn't match up well with the arcade game and I guess it's a matter of taste if you find this game very playable. I would recommend trying it out before buying.

A good question to end with would be - Will Atari produce a version of Galaga? The graphics and sound would have to be nothing short of superb to bring this cute invader game into the home for the Atari owner.

Happy Gaming!  HARVEY KONG TIN.