Floyd Of The Jungle


Issue 3

May/Jun 83

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1/4 PLAYERS    32K DISK     

Silly title! Still I suppose that Tarzan is copyrighted, so Floyd is as good as any. In this game you, as Floyd, have to rescue the lovely Janice by thrashing your way through the jungle which is set out like a combination of Apple Panic and Frogger. Instead of ladders you have vines to climb and instead of the assorted perils of Frogger, you have snakes, alligators, tigers, pygmies, monkeys and elephants all wandering along ready to eat or squash you. You still have the river with boats to jump on to get across. On the way to saving Janice, you can score points by capturing birds and 'punching pygmies'. Trouble is, it is hard to tell the difference between the birds, pygmies and monkeys, and the monkeys are deadly.

The biggest plus of the game is that it allows up to four players (all Floyds?) at the same time to race against each other in a bid to become the first to rescue the damsel. The screen is very colourful with snakes hissing back and forth, alligators opening and closing their mouths, monkeys swaying to and fro, etc., and Floyd actually runs with arms and legs going full pelt. Point him in the right direction with the joystick and press the fire button to watch him bound along or jump over the animals. Watch out for those poison pygmy darts on the way! Once you get the timing right for your jumps, the game is not too difficult and as you have unlimited Floyds, it doesn't matter too much if you are eaten - you only return to the beginning. Screen two is harder, obviously, and screen three has the river to cross and plenty of elephants. Playing solo, I quickly got up to screen three and once I had mastered riding the elephants, managed to rescue Janice. I eagerly looked forward to the super challenges of screen four only to find that the game ended. You have to start at a higher level to get to screens four and five.

To master this game is fairly easy, but then it is not really a one player game. All the fun comes in racing against the other Floyds and picking up bonus birds and pygmies whilst watching your opponents being eaten by alligators! At times, the game can get quite hilarious and you won't know whether to concentrate on your own Floyd or watch the others in peril.

If you are a dedicated gamer and welcome the big challenge, don't bother with Floyd of the Jungle, but if you want some FUN, particularly if you know someone with two more joysticks, this could be just the game. I imagine that the kids will love it.