Chopper Rescue


Issue 3

May/Jun 83

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1/4 PLAYERS     32K DISK

Not really what I imagined it to be. I had expected this to be another version of Choplifter but it is an underground labyrinth type game where you have to fly your chopper and rescue people from ledges and various nooks and crannies. Of course there are plenty of things to stop you - these games are never THAT easy.

I was quite taken with Chopper Rescue, it is PLAYABLE yet still has quite a lot of challenge. Not being the world's best arcade player, I get fed up with games that kill me off every 5 seconds but I found in Chopper Rescue that you at least had a chance when danger lurked. There are plenty of obstacles to your rescue mission. Laser guns are stationed on the walls, bomb pods shoot spinning explosive upwards, whilst force fields bar your way. All of these can be destroyed with either your missiles or bombs. There are also several pulsating pods that either supply energy to the enemy lasers or act as hatching plants for the 'mutants' that come for you every so often. Didn't I mention them? Oh well, you can kill them off. Best idea is to destroy everything in sight, that way you are safer and get more points. After rescuing ten hostages, you go on to a more difficult labyrinth with more obstacles and pods. Some of these are very difficult to get to, but you can release your bombs with forward momentum and sort of 'throw' them into the narrow channels.

A word about the confusion over the 'energy pods'. The problem is that with these MicroProse games, the documentation is pretty basic to say the least. In fact, considering the price (normal Atari Prices), it is downright poor. I know that it is the game that counts, and this one is very good, but if we have to continue paying these high prices, then would it not be asking too much to have some extensive and well presented literature for our money?