Hellcat Ace


Issue 3

May/Jun 83

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1/4 PLAYERS      48K DISK

Go and get the seat belt from the car and strap yourself into the chair. You'll need it for this World War II flying simulation! The screen gives you the view from the cockpit of your aircraft as you battle against the Japanese in 14 different scenarios based on actual events in the battles of the Pacific in World War II. The graphics are simple but the overall effect is quite stunning as you bank, dive, climb or loop the loop to get the enemy in your gunsights. There are even instructions on how to do Immelmann turns and Split S's! The sun lies just above the horizon and as you turn away the sky darkens to give you an idea of your heading. You can do all of the manoeuvres expected and if you get into trouble you can try to ditch or bail out. For the more experienced there are night missions.

This is a great simulation giving a real feel of action but I have never flown a light aircraft and do not know how accurate it is. Any RAF flying officers out there who are into computer games? Is this as realistic as it seems? I thought it was great.