Issue 4

Jul/Aug 83

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Welcome to a truly international edition of PAGE 6 which features articles and programs from as far away as New Zealand and Australia as well as from the U.S.A. There are of course also programs, articles and reviews from the U.K. Rather unbelievably, PAGE 6 now has subscribers in Austria, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, New Zealand, Australia and America as well as places as far apart in Great Britain as Guernsey and the Isle of Benbecula in the Outer Hebrides! Atari Basic is obviously an international language and it is very exciting to find individual enthusiasts and User Groups all over the world.

The purpose of having an international edition is twofold. Firstly to reflect the wide interest in Atari computing and share our knowledge and understanding, but more importantly to show Users in the U.K. that we are in danger of being left behind. You would expect the folks in America to be fairly advanced in their knowledge - after all they invented the machine - but it came as a pleasant surprise to find that there is quite an active Atari community in New Zealand and Australia. What's more the articles and programs featured in their User Group newsletters are of a very high standard. So where does that leave us? Seemingly a long way behind, but I can't really believe that British Atari owners are not capable of producing some really good programs and articles. Some of these have been featured in this and previous issues of PAGE 6 and all those contributors can be proud that their work is being seen all over the world, but there is still a need for many more articles and programs. It is not that we can't understand computers just look at the number of programs written for other machines like the BBC and Spectrum - so come on Atari owners get in touch if you have a program or article which could be featured in PAGE 6. It is very nice to be able to feature programs from overseas but PAGE 6 ought to be a forum for EXCHANGE of ideas and programs and I hope that we in the U.K. can provide our overseas friends with something of interest.