reviewed by Harvey Kong Tin, Hull


Issue 4

Jul/Aug 83

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This straight adaptation of the arcade game is bound to please those wanting a game that is so very different from the very many space shoot-em-up games. The object of the game is to draw boxes covering 75% of the screen and any percentage over 75 is awarded x 1000 points. You start off with three markers and move on to a new screen when 75% or more is covered.

Your marker can draw lines but must avoid the Qix (a helix that flies in space) while drawing - if it touches an unfinished line or you, you lose a marker. Along with the Qix you have to avoid two sparx - who travel, along the lines. Simply go out and draw something when they are approaching. The sparx multiply beyond a certain time limit.

Normally you have fast draw (the boxes are coloured blue) and can choose slow draw by keeping the trigger pressed while drawing (the boxes are coloured brown) for double points. Hesitate in your drawing and you start off a fuse at the beginning of your line. To stop it, keep moving. Draw yourself a spiral and you end up in a death trap.

Once you have filled up two screens, you face two Qix - separate them somehow with a line and you start again with points doubled. Separate the two Qix again and the points are trebled, and so on.

The graphics of the game are very simple but the sounds are pleasing and unique - just like the arcade. Because you are free to draw any rectangular shapes that you think might work, this is a game of strategy and planning. After a while you will find that filling in 90% of the screen is not too difficult but 98% or 99% takes some planning and luck.