Stone of Sisyphus


Issue 4

Jul/Aug 83

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Stone of Sisyphus has been advertised for some time in the American magazines with gory colour pictures inviting you to 'come into our dungeon'. The Atari version promises full colour graphics on two action-packed disks. For once it's all true! Stone of Sisyphus is true Dungeons and Dragons for your Atari - well maybe not quite so complex, being based more on the simpler Tunnels and Trolls but nevertheless good value for all Adventurers.

You start by creating your character, or rather having one created for you, but you can reject as many characters as you wish. Rather a pity this as you do not have to exercise any judgment, just keep ploughing through and sooner or later you will come up with a good one. Then you go on to the provisions store (no choice) and the armoury where you can purchase any of 80 different weapons and 26 types of armour. When you have equipped yourself it's time to venture into the dungeon.

I won't spoil the fun by telling you what you will find in the dungeon but I will say that the full colour graphics are all there and done very nicely-much better than the Scott Adams Graphic Adventure series. Colours are used well to depict the type of location you find yourself in, from dimly-lit passageways to brightly-lit rooms. There are puzzles to solve, treasures to find and collect and monsters to do battle with. Every scene is well-illustrated and for once the graphics do add a lot to the atmosphere. If you are a D & D aficionado, you might find a few things to complain about but remember that D & D is an immensely complex subject and to pack a dungeon onto a floppy disk and get good graphics is quite some feat.

The disks save data as you progress and are updated each time you play. You can save characters for another journey and the disk records how many characters have ventured into the dungeon as well as the mortality rate. Stone of Sisyphus is one of three adventures in the Maces & Magic series by Chameleon Software but the others have not yet been converted to the Atari. I look forward to seeing them when they become available but in the meantime there are many hours of enjoyment to be had from Stone of Sisyphus. Thoroughly recommended.