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Issue 4

Jul/Aug 83

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The following programs have been received for review but time and space prevents further comments. Full reviews of some of these programs will appear in later issues.

MAGIC WINDOW by Quicksilva. A superb cassette-based character redefinition utility retailing at about 8.00. One of the best bargains you are likely to find.

THE CONSTRUCTOR by Channel 8 Software. A comprehensive Player-Missile editor allowing you to create up to 250 images and overlay or animate them and save for inclusion in your own program. Requires 48K.

MONKEYMATH from Artworx. Great maths education game for younger children with little monkeys trundling out the problems and a big chimp solving them! A combination of easy arcade action and education. A really nice program. Requires 16K.

FOUR LETTER WORD by Soflow Software. A sort of word mastermind requiring you to guess four letter words. 800 word vocabulary. Despite its title all naughty words are carefully screened out! 16K cassette.

DOODLEBUG by Soflow Software. A mini Micro-Painter allowing you to draw pictures with the joystick in 16 colours and save or retrieve to disk or cassette. Not as sophisticated as Paint or Micro-Painter but you don't need 48K and a disk drive. Comes on 16K cassette.