Bug Club Call


Issue 4

Jul/Aug 83


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This page is put aside each issue for the exclusive use of Birmingham User Group

Do you realise how many areas of responsibility there are in organising a User Group? We may not be fully undertaking them all but the ideas are all there and can be fulfilled if enough members want them to be. Or would you rather come along each meeting just for a social evening? The committee don't mind if that is what you want, it is far easier just to book the room and let everybody get on with it. The reason for saying all this is that the response to the items mentioned in the last Club Call was very poor - in fact almost nonexistent. Thanks to the member who suggested an alternative meeting place, which we will look into, but apart from that nothing. Nobody is interested in Special Interest Groups. Nobody is interested in education. Is that really true?

In the future certain people on the committee will assume responsibility for the various areas of interest so that you will know who to approach when you have any ideas or want to participate. Starting at the top, Mike Reynolds-Jones will be responsible for arranging demonstrations and for liaison with retailers. Mike Aston will be responsible for education, maintaining notice boards and future projects. Keith Mason's responsibilities will include the libraries, Special Interest Groups, special events and looking after the hardware. Angus Irons, who is now Treasurer in place of Steve Gould, will assume overall responsibility for merchandising, but other individuals will be looking after specific items. Mike Reynolds-Jones will be looking after sales of cassettes produced by the Club. Steve Gould will be handling the sate of second-hand software as well as running the software library and selling blank cassettes. Colin Boswell has found a supply of disks at very reasonable cost whilst Julian Bailey will be looking into the possibility of producing tee shirts and badges. There is even more! Colin Boswell will be in charge of a technical library and Les Ellingham will assist in getting people together in Special Interest Groups. Overall responsibility for ensuring that you get a copy of the magazine will belong to Mike Aston. That's it. It is up to you to make best use of whatever can be arranged.

For those of you who have missed the last meetings, we had a demonstration of an American Atari 800 and an American monitor. You know the magazines keep talking about artifacting which when you try it produces nice wishy-washy pastel shades on your TV? Not in America it doesn't. Those programs are in full living colour! You wouldn't recognise some of the programs you thought you knew. If you have the money, it is worth investigating the possibility of importing an American machine and monitor.

Finally, a test to see how many of you are interested in special demonstrations. Mike Reynolds-Jones would like to get together a demonstration of business software for the Atari with everything he can lay his hands on including AtariWriter, Letter Perfect, Data Perfect, File Manager 800, Financial Wizard, Chipsoft packages and more. If you have any interest in business put your name down. See Mike Reynolds-Jones.

For the next Club Call I want reports from each of the people responsible for the areas outlined above and from any individual member who wants to say something. The copy date will be 1st August. Please write it down.

Les Ellingham