Issue 5

Sep/Oct 83

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Dear Les,

May I ask you to correct an error in the Basic Timing listing in my article in Issue 4? Line 1000 should read 1000 X=0:M1=1234. The actual number that M1 equals does not matter since on the first run, when X=O, a new line 1000 is put up on the screen which when entered makes M1 equal to the FRE(0) at the time of the first run. This takes care of different memory sizes, DOS usage, etc., and makes lines 1-7 unnecessary.

May I also suggest a small improvement. Add 1025 ? CHR$(125):1F X=0 THEN 1050 which gets rid of the 'Loop now running' before printing the results and cuts out irrelevancies on the first run.

David Harry, Solihull

** I changed line 1000 for testing purposes and forgot to change it back! I am also responsible for adding lines 1-7. Sorry!-Ed.



Dear Les,

Firstly, let me congratulate you on an excellent Atari only magazine.

With regard to Tony Amesbury's letter concerning 'lock-up', my experience has proved to me that lock-up only occurs whilst typing in a program and then only after extensive editing particularly INSERTing or DELETEing lines. The solution seems obvious, be extremely careful when typing in new programs and use the CTRL INSERT/ DELETE keys as little as possible.

Tony Amesbury said that after he POKEd location 832 with 6 a program that frequently disabled his machine was OK. Well, location 832 controls the IOCB and when the machine is turned on it is already set to 6. Any other number may crash the computer.

John Fallon, Birmingham



Dear Les,

I read with great excitement, the letter from Tony Amesbury 'could POKE 832,6 be the answer to the famous Atari lock-up?'. No such luck!!

If you type PEEK(832) when you power up, the computer tells you that 6 is already there.

Why isn't the Revision B chip available in England? I believe this chip solves the problem.

Stephen Taylor, London

** ATARI do admit to the lockup problem but do not offer a solution. In an update to the BASIC Reference Manual they say "Note: Large amounts of editing may lock-up the system. It's recommended that programs under development be stored to cassette or diskette periodically (every 30 or 40 edits) with the SAVE or CSAVE command. "



Dear Sir,

I received the first three issues of PAGE 6 and found them to be of great value.

I think that the information needed by the majority of Atarians is the simple tutorial type articles and hence I would like to suggest you dedicate more space to the Getting Started and First Steps sections. Your in-depth software reviews are excellent, congratulations and good luck.

Alan Chaloner, Chester

** I try to make sure that the articles and programs in PAGE 6 can be understood by beginners but it is very difficult sometimes to strike a balance. Beginners soon become advanced users and then want more advanced articles. First Steps is the most difficult column to write in the magazine as it is now very hard to recall all those little things that gave me problems in the beginning. The best way to get an answer to a particular problem is to write to PAGE 6. Any questions received will be published, with answers, in the next First Steps column. You may have found the answer yourself by then but your question will help someone else. Stuck on something? It doesn't matter how simple it is, write to FIRST STEPS at PAGE 6.