John Massara, Five Dock, New South Wales


Issue 5

Sep/Oct 83

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Squares is an arcade-type game which requires a lot of skill and very little luck. The object of the game is to guide an ever-growing white line using your joystick and cause it to run over the black squares to score 'hits'. Each hit gives you points according to the frame as well as adding another square to the playfield. Points are also awarded just for keeping the white line moving without hitting any squares. After one or two games you will realise that you can score a lot more hits by running along the side of a square rather than just passing through the middle, however this requires more skill. You get bonus points at the completion of each frame.

As you progress through the frames, the squares get smaller and the line moves faster until you reach the dreaded 8th frame where the size of the square is the same as a GRAPHICS 7 pixel! The game will finish if you hit the border or run into yourself. If you run into a 'dead end' situation, you can use the 'escape' option by pressing and holding the fire button. The line will stop moving so that you can have a good look at the screen. When you are ready, let go the button and the line will reappear in a new location for you to carry on.

Finally, if you wish to skip frames, just press the OPTION key while playing.

AtariLister - requires Java

This program is reprinted with permission from INSIDE INFO the journal of Atari Computer Enthusiasts (N. S. W).