Issue 5

Sep/Oct 83

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16K/48K CASS.

Doodlebug is a drawing program which is suited to children of all ages (including middleage!) as well as artistically inclined adults. With a little bit of knowledge in loading files, it could also serve as a very useful utility to add graphics to your programs. The program uses Graphics 11 to allow you 16 colours on the screen and drawings are made by using the joystick to move a cursor to the drawing position and then pressing the fire button to mark a point. Move the cursor to a new position and a line will be drawn connecting the two points. If you want continuous drawing,press the SELECT button. Along the bottom of the screen are 16 'paint pots' and you change colours by 'dipping' your cursor in a pot and pressing the fire button. One very useful facility is being able to change the whole background colour by dipping your cursor in a pot and pressing OPTION.

Drawings made are saved to tape or disk as files. If Soflow could supply a short listing to purchasers which would enable these files to be loaded into other programs, then Doodlebug would become a very useful graphics utility at a very reasonable price.

If you are at all artistically inclined, Doodlebug will allow you to compose some very sophisticated pictures and then save them to impress your family and friends later. If you have kids, just load in the program and give them a joystick, it will keep them quiet for hours.

A couple of minor criticisms are the lack of a fill command for covering areas you have boxed in and the fact that the cursor moves very slowly. Perhaps I am too impatient. The company sent me a tape with a ready-made picture and very impressive it was. With a little time you should be able to produce similar drawings.

Soflow promise to bring out a range of Atari programs at about 6.50 which must be good news. Doodlebug is a promising start. It does not claim to give all the facilities of Atari's new Paint, but then it does not cost 30.