Lea Valley User Group


Issue 6

Nov/Dec 83

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What do User Groups do? Here is a report received from Matthew Tydeman of Lea Valley Atari Users Group.

" Most of our meetings are held at a church hall in Wormley which is big enough for all of our members with four machines set up and running for members to watch until the evening's talk begins. Talks are mostly on Graphics as this seems to be an area that most members are interested in. One of our members will be presenting talks beginning with the word COLOR and, hopefully, working up to machine language. When the talk is finished members are free to look at the screens behind them which are running a variety of games, demos, etc. Many members get the opportunity to see programs they would not otherwise be able to review. Members bring along newly purchased items of software and hardware for the next meeting so that there is always something new to see. We also have a magazine library and a book library."

If you would like more details of where and when the Club meets, send a stamped addressed envelope to Matthew Tydeman, 125, Cadmore Lane, Cheshunt, Herts. The Group have also, by the way, produced a poster advertising the Group which is quite superb.