reviewed by Steve Gould


Issue 6

Nov/Dec 83

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With the average price of Atari software in the 20-30 area, it is very pleasing to hear of a 100% machine code game for the Atari 400/800 which costs less than 10. In fact this costs only 7.50. With a certain amount of misgiving, I sent off my cheque, expecting nothing more than a glorified magazine listing, but was very pleasantly surprised when I loaded the game. Delivery, by the way, was approximately one week.

After being assured that 'the power of the grid was going to preserve me' I pressed start to be confronted by a fast and furious game. The closest comparison I can think of is Centipede, but instead of centipedes and spiders, the player is presented with an all-out onslaught from X-Y zappers, pods, droids and other alien devices. The graphics are not the clearest I have seen and at times the action gets quite confusing but the sound effects are extremely good. The ship's entrance onto the grid is most original and seems rather like coming out of hyperspace in Defender. Game play is very fast to say the least and it would be advisable for the would-be Gridrunner to develop two more pairs of eyes and an extra pair of hands!

Many people stay away from cheap Atari software for fear of being ripped off but Gridrunner is well worth the money and sets a good standard for Atari Software at a reasonable price.