reviewed by Steve Gould


Issue 6

Nov/Dec 83

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If Gridrunner typifies good value for money, then this game shows why I am always wary of cheap software. If you believe the adverts, you would expect something similar to Scramble or Caverns of Mars. What you get couldn't be further away.

All of the action takes place on one screen and the game itself is a two-part BASIC program. The overall quality is that of a poor magazine listing. The spaceship consists of three dots and the caverns are formed by filling in the left hand side of the screen and then randomly PLOTing and DRAWingTO in the background colour. You just have to reach the right hand side of the screen and get back past several 'gates'. The only good part about the game is the sound effects which I must admit are rather original.

This might be worth a try at 3.00 but is not worth its 6.00 price. Above all, as a commercial program, it is an insult to the Atari's capabilities. Take a look at A.C.E., MAGIC WINDOW or GRIDRUNNER if you want value for money in low priced software.