Sydney Brown, Australia


Issue 7

Jan/Feb 84

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The Grubs are trying to escape the safety of the subway to multiply and take over the earth. Only ten Grubs are needed to start a community, so you must destroy them before ten of them escape and they start a full breeding colony. As they are deadly to touch, the only way to kill them is to first trap them by digging a hole for them to fall in. Whilst temporarily stunned you must hit them with your shovel but be quick for they soon recover. Use joystick 1 to control your man and the fire button to dig a hole or kill a trapped Grub. The higher up the screen you can trap and kill them, the more points you will score but watch out for those who get past you.

Many of you will have seen other versions of this program particularly one about some untamed fruit in an English magazine! Don't let that stop you typing it in. In his original write up for A.C.E. Newsletter, author Sydney Brown had the following to say.

'I hope you have more fun playing this game than I had programming it. The debugging process was extremely frustrating and time consuming. To be honest, I feel the quality and speed of this game surpasses many of the programs commercially available.'

He is absolutely right, it is a superb program. Get typing.

AtariLister - requires Java