Night Mission

reviewed by Steve Gould


Issue 7

Jan/Feb 84

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32K DISK  16K CASS.       

For all you pinball fans, this game is just what you have been waiting for. You may have seen RASTER BLASTER or even DAVID'S MIDNIGHT MAGIC but NIGHT MISSION is better than both and what is more it is also available on cassette.

The one feature which makes this game unique is that you can set your own game parameters via a menu which spans two screens. You can, for instance, change the flipper power, bumper power, ball speed, spinner friction and sound as well as many other features. The table you create can be saved for use at a later date but the game comes with 10 built in tables from Easy to 'Cosmic'!!

The graphics are created using the infamous Artifacting which can only be enjoyed to the full on an American Atari with a colour monitor. The sound is, as far as I am aware, totally unique. As many of you may know, not only can the Atari produce some very complex sound through the TV speaker, it is also capable of creating sounds through the small on-board speaker. You may have noticed this on Bug Attack or Bug Off. Night Mission uses this speaker for all of its sound output and you will be pleasantly surprised at the sounds it can produce.

One novel touch is that you have to deposit  'coins' in a  'slot' to create credits with which to play. All the usual features of a full size pinball table are included - 'SPECIAL' lane, targets to light up, free ball gate/feature, 'shoot again' facility, spinners, bumpers, match number at game over etc. The game is very enjoyable to play and a must to own as it surpasses the features of its two brothers. Whether it will hold its own against Bill Budges' Pinball Construction Kit remains to be seen.