The Golden Baton

reviewed by Steve Gould


Issue 7

Jan/Feb 84

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If you have been through the Scott Adams adventures and are still addicted, take a look at the Channel 8 Software adventures. Bryan Hayworth, the author, is England's answer to Scott Adams. The layout of the screen on these 16K machine code adventures is exactly the same as the Adventure International series.

Golden Baton is the first of the series and the object is to retrieve the Golden Baton which was stolen from the Kingdom. On your travels you will meet such things as huge slugs, a savage wolf, an ugly lizard-man and various other nefarious creatures and objects. Needless to say, all of the 'organic' obstacles can be dealt with. In one way or another!

The cleverness of the plot in all the adventures in this series is as good as any in the Scott Adams series.

These adventures were originally at the same price as the more famous series but have now been reduced to 9.95 and represent good value for money. All are a nice supplement to any adventurer's collection. 

All of the adventures have full 'save game' facilities and an optional facility to change the colour of the screen.