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Issue 9

May/Jun 84

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More good news on the prices front. Allrian Data Services have introduced price reductions right across the Artworx range with prices broadly at three levels. Games such as GOLDEN GLOVES, BRIDGE MONKEYMATH and HAZARD RUN are now 8.99 on cassette or 12.45 on disk with utilities such as DRAWPIC at 14.99 on cassette and 18.45 on disk. Disk based games such as HODGE PODGE and STRIP POKER will retail at 14.99 with the exception of GWENDOLYN, which comes on two disks and will retail at 16.99. In addition to the standard range the are four new additions to the First Games Series. PILOT is a flight simulation and ENCOUNTER AT QUESTAR IV a space game and there are two card playing games.

ENGLISH SOFTWARE continue their release of ATARI titles unabated. All of the games mentioned in the last issue are now available with the exception of TARROID which is being expanded to 32K and will be out in late summer. Coming very soon will be a version of FigForth called E.S.FORTH which includes a comprehensive users manual and will retail at about 14.95. It comes on 32K cassette or 48K disk On the games side are DUELLIN' DROID an arcade style robot chase and STRANDED a graphics and text adventure with 35 graphic locations.

Channel 8 Software's Mysterious Adventures should now be available with 'excellent' graphics on 48K disk. They are hoping to release all ten of the present series together at competitive prices. There are four new titles planned in the series and the first of these, WAXWORKS should be available now.

Bad news for those of you who subscribe to SOFTSIDE magazine as the latest issue contains nothing for the Atari. Perhaps the introduction of HI-RES has made its mark. Surely even the States would find it hard to support three ATARI specific magazines as well as continue support in at least two others?

You will have noticed that PAGE 6 has grown in size and quality with almost every issue and in order to maintain this standard and allow us to improve, as well as make the magazine more widely available, we have had to increase the cover price. The subscription rates are unchanged for the time being. I believe that PAGE 6 is still very good value for money and hope that you will continue to support and read the magazine.