Readers' Letters


Issue 9

May/Jun 84

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Dear Readers of PAGE 6,

I'd like to offer a very big thank you to all those readers who voted for Grab an Apple in the recent readers' poll. I had no idea it was even in the running until the prize arrived on my doorstep!

Les Ellingham has become quite a valued friend over the last year and he knew that I was trying to buy the Mysterious Adventures from Channel 8 Software. In his wisdom, he took the liberty of selecting these as the prize and I couldn't have been more thrilled.

Once again, thanks to all.

Garry Francis
Sydney, Australia


Dear Les,

One of the criticisms of Atari Basic is that it is unusually slow. I think I may be right in saying that even the Commodore 64 is faster!

Fortunately OSS Inc has produced the excellent BASIC A+. Now they have produced a 24K cartridge update called Basic XL. The advantage is that it utilises bank switching, hence giving a 24K language that occupies only 8K of memory! OSS also produce a fast compiler called ACTION! and a cartridge version of MAC65, both using bank switching.

Is it possible to have a review of Basic XL and ACTION!

Gary Cheung

** Basic XL and ACTION! are not the sort of things that you can plug in and knock up a quick review but there must by now be several people who have got to grips with these. How about a review from one of you?


Dear Les,

I'm pleased to see that 1984 looks to be a good year for PAGE 6/Atari owners, even though there are some disappointing news items around. Hopefully U.K. Atari enthusiasts will follow PAGE 6's lead and help keep their computers in the limelight. You are doing a great job, I hope your readers support your aims.

With regard to the high cost of Atari software, perhaps the best thing is for individuals to write constructive letters of criticism to Atari and other software vendors. Individual letters will be more noticeable than a petition from a group of people. If the letters are clear, concise and polite, then perhaps the software producers will realise that they can reach a greater market by adjusting their prices to a lower reasonable level.

Would it be possible for PAGE 6 to publish a list of the 'specialised outlets' who carry a decent range of Atari software?

Allan J. Palmer

** Support of Atari amongst retailers and software producers is going through a very bad patch at the moment and Atari owners will need a spirit of optimism to get through 1984. More so than on any other computer every owner must make an effort to ensure that Atari does not die in this country. Write to software producers, to retailers, to magazines. Let everybody know that you are there and that you care. You and I know that Atari produce the best home computers but most retailers don't seem to know this and worst of all, Atari themselves don't even realise it. Every week I speak to software producers or retailers who say 'No, I am going over to the Commodore 64' and support of Atari drops a little more. Make your voice heard and perhaps we can persuade everybody that there is support for Atari among users and that it deserves support from retailers. Surely you all share a desire to see Atari as the best supported machine around.

On the question of 'specialised outlets', I am hoping to introduce a Directory of retailers who support Atari in the near future. Look out for it.


Dear Sir,

Here is a simple but effective little program that will draw a 3D sine-wave in Graphics 8.

20 FOR X=0 TO 319 STEP 3

30 PLOT X,90

40 DRAWTO X/1.3,SIN(X/0.5)*60+90


To draw a 3D cosine wave, simply change SIN in line 40 to COS. To draw both waves together, add the following two lines

34 DRAWTO X/1.3,COS(X/0.5)*60+90
37 PLOT X,90

Ranton, Staffs


We receive several letters each issue from people who can't get the programs in PAGE 6 to run and many phone calls to say how good the programs are! If you are a novice, please, please READ THE LISTING CONVENTIONS which are published in every issue and if you are convinced that you don't make typing mistakes, then run TYPO on the program that does not work Even though you have checked it a dozen times, you will find that you do have a mistake somewhere.