Chipsoft Printer Driver

reviewed by Les Ellingham


Issue 9

May/Jun 84

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The CHIPSOFT PRINTER DRIVER for Atarwriter is one of those programs which just goes about its job in an unobtrusive and unspectacular way and is therefore very hard to review. It works fine and if you are thinking of Atariwriter and do not have an Atari printer, then you should buy it. It is supplied as a master disk from which you make you own boot disk which you then use whenever you want to use Atariwriter. All of the standard control codes of Atariwriter can now be used and will be translated to your printer. In fact the printer driver adds an additional facility of emphasized text within a line.

Use of the driver by Atariwriter is automatic and you will not have to make a choice of printers from the menu. The master disk supports 15 different printers and creation of your own disk simply requires a choice of number. Most of the popular printers are supported but if you have one that is not, the program will still make you up a disk as it has a CREATE YOUR OWN facility in which you can enter the control commands for your particular printer.

There are many printers on the market that are better than Atari's own and with this Chipsoft package you will have the opportunity of using one of the best word processors around without restricting your choice of printer.