reviewed by Les Ellingham


Issue 9

May/Jun 84

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FROGGER must surely be old hat now, or is it? Parker Bros now have the rights to this and several other arcade games and have produced an excellent version that despite its age still remains very playable.

If you are a newcomer and did not spend the last couple of years hanging around the arcades you may not know what Frogger involves. What you have to do is get five frogs across a busy main road and then a river to the bank on the other side, making sure that you keep out of the way of the traffic and don't fall in the river. There are logs to jump on and various creatures in the river that you can ride on but you have to be careful for they sometimes turn on you. The object is simply to get as many frogs across as you can whilst the difficulties increase at each level.

Frogger is now one of the arcade classics and is still playable but I find it strange that this should now be re-introduced at a price of 29.95 when the general tendency is for prices to fall.