Mask of the Sun

reviewed by Jim Bumpas


Issue 10

Jul/Aug 84

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Mask Of The Sun is a 4-disk Graphic Adventure with a very imaginative story line. You are wandering around Central Mexico in your jeep with lots of open territory to explore and at least 3 Aztec ruins each of which has more than one level. There are secret doors, one-way doors and various objects and artefacts to collect. The goal of the game is to find the Mask Of The Sun and decipher the cure which will save your life. Page flipping is used to simulate animation and you can expect some sarcastic replies to some of your moves. There is an enemy around who is intent on stopping you or beating you to the goal and dangers aplenty to spoil your progress.

An excellent game and fantastic value for the price ($40). You can lose yourself for hours in a 4-disk adventure!

At the time of writing, availability of this game in the U.K is not known but it certainly sounds interesting enough to seek out. The review comes from ACE Newsletter in the States.