A view from Jeff Minter



Issue 12

Nov/Dec 84

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Reproduced, with permission, from the Llamasoft news
letter `The Nature of the Beast'.

'We now have the conversion of Hover Bovver running on 32k and over ATARI machines. The character graphics and 'feel' of the game are virtually identical to the C64 version, but you haven't got a multicoloured neighbour due to limitations of PMG. Still, there are advantages, such as 4-channel sound instead of only 3, and some very colourful hi-score and intro screens thanks to Atari's unsurpassed colour generation. Everything is there, from the 'English Country Garden' theme to the sounds of dog barks and mower noise.

I must say that the more I see and work with Atari, the more I like it. The potential of the machine is enormous, and the colour effects knock out your eyeballs! At the moment Atari owners are a rare but dedicated breed, and there isn't a lot of good cheap software about. However, due to recent developments this may all change soon; Jack Tramiel has just taken over Atari, and also Atari have a new graphics chip, MARIE which makes GTIA seem tame. Reports from the American press, where the new chip has been seen in the 7800 video game from Atari, say that the new chip is capable of generating unlimited (get that!!) sprites. With potential like that, if built into a low-cost 64k micro (which Tramiel is very likely to do, to compete directly with the C64) no sane game designer is going to be able to resist it! Imagine Revenge of the Mutant Camels done using, say, 80 sprites plus all of Atari's amazing colours. ATARI owners may be the obscure ones now, but in a years time maybe things will be different!'


Nice one, Jeff. The Obscure ones eh? Like it. We are just waiting for our new leader to Set The Controls....