Competition Winners



Issue 12

Nov/Dec 84

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A total of 13 entries were received for the competition based on the scrolling demo in issue 9. Not a lot but then it was a fairly difficult programming task and every entrant is to be congratulated for having a go.

Three entries vied for the main prize. RESCUE MISSION by Geoffrey Thompson was a great Scramble type game entirely in machine code. FLIGHT OF THE SWAN by Christopher Jephcott was a good original idea close to the concept of the original program but using completely redefined characters (love the swan!) and GRIBBIT by C.J.Mitchell was an excellent Frogger type game. As all the games were quite different from each other, picking a winner was difficult and in the end I decided to find another Touch Tablet (or Compiler) and award the prize to both Geoffrey Thompson and Christopher Jephcott. Rescue Mission gets the prize simply because it was the best game and Flight of the Swan, which kept close to the original, was the most original idea.

Highly commended were Gribbit which missed out only because the idea was not as original as Flight of The Swan and an untitled game from K.M.Casey which had a ballooning theme.

Other entries were received from Colin Faller, G.Anderson, Andrew Starkie, David Eaton, David Blease, K.Vaughan and Fred Key and, whilst some of the entries did not use scrolling(!), all were appreciated.

Finally two youngsters submitted entries, Simon Currigan aged 10 and Warren Barnes aged 13. Although they did not win the main prize they should be congratulated for their entries.

There were due to be five runners up but in fact items of software were sent to all the entrants as thanks for their efforts. Perhaps next time YOU will enter!

We will run another competition next year and perhaps the readers could suggest a theme for the competition. If you have a good idea for a programming competition please drop me a line.