Rescue Mission

by Geoffrey Thompson



Issue 12

Nov/Dec 84

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** Competition Winner **

This game, a winner of our scrolling competition, requires a minimum of 32k memory.


You are flying an unarmed helicopter carrying vital medical supplies through lengthy caverns in order to reach your agents who have been wounded behind enemy lines. The caverns are well protected with antiaircraft batteries, space mines, rockets and lasers so the mission is dangerous and difficult and the caverns are lengthy. The only aid you have apart from your own skill is a radar scanner at the top of the screen to show your position in the cavern. The joystick controls the helicopter in any direction and you have three helicopters, each with a limited supply of fuel. The space bar will pause the game at any point


Cassette users can type in the main listing as it stands. Make sure that you save a copy before you try to RUN it. Type RUN and the program will check each line of data and tell you if you have any errors. If all is well, you will be asked if you are ready to run. A 'Y` will begin the game.

Disk users should type in the main listing but substitute the lines shown in Listing 2. It may be easier to type in the main listing first and then type Listing 2 at the end as the lines will automatically overlay those to be replaced. Make sure that you save a copy of the program before you RUN it. Before you type RUN, ensure that you have a formatted disk in drive 1. The program will check the data line by line and write a file to disk with the filename "D: RESCUE.DAT" and then ask you if you are ready to run. A `Y' will begin the game. To RUN the program subsequently, type in Listing 3 and save with whatever filename you wish on the same disk as "D: RESCUE.DAT". You can then RUN the program by typing RUN "D: (your filename)".

AtariLister - requires Java