Hover Bovver

reviewed by Les Ellingham



Issue 12

Nov/Dec 84

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Llamasoft .... 32k cassette .... 1 player.... 7.50 ....


Not as dynamic as Attack of the Mutant Camels but another original idea and a challenging game with a true English theme... mowing the lawn on a hot summer's day in England! This one might even give the youngsters a taste of what awaits them when they pack up their computers to become true middle-aged, middle-class Englishmen!

Gordon Bennett (shame about the name) wants to mow the lawn but his lawnmower has rusted up so he borrows Jim's from next door. No need to ask, Jim won't mind but he does and soon comes after you to get his mower back Well the job's got to be done, see him off Rover ....Kill! The Gardener looks on with a smile at the antics but his smile soon turns to dismay as you slip off the lawn and cut up his prize flowers. 'I'll get that blasted mower off of him' he says and sets off in hot pursuit Rover remains faithful in seeing them both off but not for long, his loyalty will hold only for so long and the sound of that mower is driving him spare! Pretty soon he'll come after you as well This is getting hard work and to make things worse, the faster you mow, the hotter the mower gets until it grinds to a halt. Wait for the mower to cool down, keep the neighbour and the Gardener away and you may finish the first lawn but there are 15 more to go and not a chance for a break to go down the pub!

The game is well thought out and well programmed and has good intro and ending screens together with a high score table and sufficient levels of difficulty for even the most expert player. There are nice interludes where you go and borrow a mower (if Jim gets his back, you can go and borrow Alf's then Tom's) and good music throughout which you can switch off if you wish. Player/Missiles are used to good effect and I love it when the dog goes berserk and bites the neighbour! The flowers could have been made a little more interesting but really that is the only criticism of a challenging and playable game with a somewhat different theme.

I only managed to mow three lawns before I let Tom have his mower back and went down the pub instead, but I am sure you will be mowing for hours on end.