Issue 13

Jan/Feb 85

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Welcome to another issue of PAGE 6 which hopefully will reach you before Christmas. As usual this issue has a slant towards games to keep you merry and occupied around Christmas and the New Year. Music is also associated with Christmas and you will find a music theme in this issue with comments on Pokey Player and Advanced Music System II as well as Carols for you to type in. If you prefer to make your own music then Music Maker will let you use your keyboard as a piano or organ.

Unfortunately those of you with only 16k memory will not be able to play Flight of the Swan, our other competition winner or Camelot but I have included other listings which will run in 16k. Although it is easy for me to say, as I don't have to pay for it(!), I would strongly recommend anyone with 16k to upgrade their machine to 48k for it really does open up a whole new world. Quite apart from the many more commercial programs that will become available to you, programs from PAGE 6 such as RESCUE MISSION and CAMELOT, which cost you nothing, will make it well worth while. Whilst it is possible to write good programs in 16k, many of the programs which have been submitted to us do require at least 32k as the programmers have used so many of the facilities of the Atari that something would have to be sacrificed to fit into 16k. If you did not get an upgrade for Christmas try and persuade someone to buy you one, or save up yourself. You won't regret it.

At last things seem to have started moving from Atari and you should be well aware of Atari advertising by. the time you read this. We all wish Atari every success over Christmas and for 1985 and, if the optimism of the people at Atari is anything to go by, Atari will be back at the top quite soon.

Finally, as we reach the end of another year, I would like to thank everyone who has sent in programs, articles or bits and pieces for publication. Every contribution, whether published or not, is much appreciated. We are still a small circulation magazine and rely entirely on your enthusiasm and love of your Atari in providing other owners with a good reason to stick with and enjoy their Atari computers. If you have not been able to make any contribution yourself, you have an opportunity now to show your appreciation of the efforts of others by voting in the annual Readers Poll. Please turn to the centre pages for further information.

May I wish all of you the very best for 1985. Stick with Atari and keep reading PAGE 6!