Flight of the Swan

by Christopher Jephcott



Issue 13

Jan/Feb 85

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*** Competition Winner ***

Flight of the Swan is the other winner of our scrolling competition chosen because of its original theme. Like Rescue Mission, this game requires 32k.


The game follows the flight of a migrating swan from a mud bank, over hills and through caverns avoiding telegraph poles and clouds etc. until final splashdown on a distant lake.

The swan has three lives and to survive must eat four objects including a glucose tablet, a kipper, a worm and a can of beans(!). These objects are all coloured pink Once all four, or a combination of any four, are eaten, the objects turn yellow and in this condition will increase the swan's metabolic rate to such an extent that he dies. Once the four objects have been eaten, the swan has sufficient energy to make it through the caverns. Throughout the game, avoid anything that is not pink until finally the lake is in view where you may safely land.

The swan is controlled by the joystick moving up, down, diagonally or forwards. He cannot move backwards. There are two difficulty levels with level 2 being very difficult. Once three lives are lost, System Reset will re-run the game.

The first game after loading will take about 15 seconds to initialise but after this the game will re-run immediately.


The game should be typed and saved in two parts as shown. Cassette users should CSAVE the first listing and then leave the tape in place in the cassette. Next type in the second listing and CSAVE it immediately after the first. Wind back the tape and CLOAD. When RUN is typed the first program will automatically load in the second. Type RUN and away you go.

Disk users should firstly change line 30 of the first listing to read RUN "D: SWAN.BAS" and save the program as "D: SWAN". Type in and SAVE the second listing with the filename "D: SWAN.BAS" and then type RUN "D: SWAN". The game should load and play.

AtariLister - requires Java


AtariLister - requires Java