Bull Ants

by Sydney Brown



Issue 13

Jan/Feb 85

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Bull Ants is basically a two player game although it can be played by one person.

You and your friend are ants and you have lived happily in your nest for a long time but now the construction workers have moved into the neighbourhood and are using explosives to dig trenches for foundations of a new shopping centre. Another problem are the bull ants which have moved into your nest because their home was destroyed in the first phase of construction.

Use joysticks 1 & 2 to control the red and green ants. You must move your five eggs from the bottom of the nest to safety at the top of the screen. On the way up you must watch out for cave-ins and the bull ants.

If you are hit by a cave-in, you will be sent to the top of the screen. If you are stung by a bull ant, you will be paralysed and will have to wait for the next explosion to shock you out of it. In either case, if you were carrying an egg, you will lose it and it will be represented by a black egg appearing at the top of the screen on your side.

The winner is the one who gets the most eggs to the top safely. If both players get the same number, the winner will be the first to get them there.

AtariLister - requires Java